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Miller Products Company


Since our beginning in 1936 as a bicycle dealer and kickstand manufacturer, we have evolved into a supplier of quality manufactured products sold throughout the US and international markets. Located just forty miles south of Des Moines, IA; Miller Products specializes in single spindle/CNC, and multi spindle screw machined parts. We sell everything from stock items to customized parts at our customers discretion. Our highly trained staff and engineers work diligently each day to meet our customers needs no matter how big or small the project happens to be.

Miller Products also manufactures a line of stock non-threaded pins. This line includes a wide variety of lock pins, hitch pins, bent pins, and tension lock hitch pins. More information about our products can be viewed in the company catalog. Our capabilities range from ⅛” to 6” diameters in a variety of materials that include: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. Operations include: turning, drilling, threading, broaching, knurling, center less grinding, and zinc plating. Heat treating and other plating processes are provided through sub-contractors.

Some of the benefits of working with Miller Products are: quality parts, excellent customer service, an American Made product, and 24 hour shipment from our stock line. From Fortune 500 companies to small business’; we at Miller Products are here to meet your needs. 



Miller Products Co. patented the kickstand in 1940.

More than 20% of employees at Miller Products Co. are veterans.

Miller Products Co. employees worked two shifts during 2010 gulf oil spill to supply enough oil boom connector pins.

Miller Products Co. has been a member of FEMA for more than 40 years. (Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association)