America Deems the American Dreams for American Deeds

Tue, Jun 28, 2016 @ 13:06 PM Alex Shier veterans

You would think that Veterans have a high success rate in terms of employment and job retention because of their skills, motivation, and general work ethic, but that just isn't the case. Generally, hardworking people that know how to work with a team and can listen to orders, are a "no brainer" when it comes to the hiring process. All of this leads us to ask the question, why are so many Veterans unemployed?

Many employers don't see how a Veterans skills can translate to a different setting other than the military.  A Veteran has been trained to be a quick learner in terms of skills and concepts, making them an ideal candidate for most entry level positions. In general, they respect the process and understand the value of why you should do your tasks. They can operate under a structured environment while efficiently performing in stressful situations. These are characteristics that make for an ideal employee, and there is a vastly underutilized group with these traits as a commonality across the board. 

At Miller Products Company, we employ Veterans not only for the fact that they are hardworking individuals with these unique skill sets, but because we support the ones who supported us. It's coming to a point in the year where Patriotism is at a high, so let it be a reminder to give consideration to this large amount of competent Veterans who have been under the job market radar for years.