Associate Spotlight - Meet Rick Chind, Quality Control at Miller Products Company

You don’t maintain the kind of top reputation Miller has without maintaining the quality of your products. For the last three and a half years, Rick Chind has been the man keeping up Miller’s prestige in the manufacturing industry.MILLER_Rick_Chind_091018_400-1

As the Quality Control Technician for Miller Products Company, Rick has the first and last word on materials and final product. One component of his responsibilities is to monitor the material coming into the shop, making sure they’re receiving the correct grade of steel in the correct amounts for all of the custom-designed parts Miller makes. He also ensures any individual stock parts that come in meet Miller’s specifications and level of quality.

On the other side of the process, Rick examines the machining output from each batch for tolerance, quality, and specifications. He not only calibrates the hand tools and calipers, he also sets up and maintains the instruments and gauges in the shop that allow consistent compliance to the blueprints.

“Every custom part gets a control plan before production begins,” Chind said. “This promotes efficiency and consistency so the customer can trust the quality and the precision of their order.”

Rick came to Miller Products almost four years ago after nearly 37 years in automotive services. He and his family put down roots in Osceola and his children graduated from Clarke Schools.

Today’s manufacturing expectations are higher than ever,” says Kerry Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager for Miller Products Company. “No longer can you just ‘say’ you produce a superior product, you have to ‘prove’ it. Rick’s precision and focus has helped make Miller an industry leader.” 

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