Beth Redman Promoted to Office Manager

After more than 30-years with Miller Products Company, Beth Redman’s comprehensive understanding of the day-to-day operations and ability to maintain a productive and streamlined work environment resulted in her promotion to Office Manager on February 9th, of 2024.


Beth started with Miller in the fall of 1988, when Jim McFarland, Jack’s father, was head of the company. In her initial interview, as a fresh-faced teen, Beth convinced Mr. McFarland of her ability for organization and management and was hired as the company time keeper shortly thereafter. Working under, then Operations Manager, Dale Hart, Beth quickly advanced in the organization to contract management, customer service roles, office administration, and on to workflow management.

“This was all before email and digital workflow systems,” said Redman. “The challenge to track client orders, production schedules, and meet deadlines took up a lot of the team’s time.”

With her organizational skills and commitment to improving company processes, Beth stepped up to support Hart in the workflow and help streamline overall efforts for the company. After about a decade assisting with workflow management and customer support, Beth added working with the accounting department an assisting with payroll processing.

“It seemed each year added a new process,” said Beth. “As technology advanced, we were able to do less paperwork and help lead employees and workflow more efficiently.”

In 2022, as one more duty was add to her already long list, Beth was put on the human resources and employee benefits administration team. There she brought, full circle, the complete office administration and employee management skills and stood out for the promotion in 2024.

“Beth’s years of knowledge and skills already made her Office Manager in spirit,” said Kerry Richardson, Miller Products Company President. “We simply made it official with her promotion… and, of course a new office to manage from.”

Beth, originally from Osceola, Iowa lives there with her husband, Rodney who is employed at Osceola’s Paul Mueller Company. She and her husband have four grown children who live in and around the Des Moines Metro area and have given them two beautiful grandchildren.

So, next time you call in or stop by the Miller Products Company offices, make sure you give a big “Congratulations” to the newest member of the Miller management team, Office Manager, Beth Redman.

If you have questions or would like more information about employment at Miller Products Company, please reach out to Miller President, Kerry Richardson, President at, 1015 N Main St, Osceola, IA 50213, or call toll-free: (800) 245-7034.