A Special Political Visitor

On Thursday, May 29, 2014; we received a special visit from Senator Chuck Grassley. This is the third political figure in the past six months Miller Products has hosted as a special guest: the first being Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad with Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds and Amy Sinclair, and the second David Loebsack.The day began bright and early with Grassley arriving right before eight a.m., and starting the day off with a very informative press conference. During the press conference, Grassley expressed much concern on topics such as the VA scandal, legalization of cannabis oil, and gaining more protection for whistle blowers who are way too often seen as “skunks at a picnic” (to quote Grassley).

After the press conference, Denis (general manager), gave an insightful tour of the Miller factory, showing Senator Grassley each unique quality that Miller has to offer and how the company has been turning out quality products decade after decade. “Grassley thought Miller Products was making a significant investment in machinery and equipment to stay competitive in today’s market,” said Denis.

The day concluded with a question and answer session, which offered great discussions on manufacturing, the future of the middle class, health care, and why the government is making certain decisions.

As a rule of thumb, Senator Grassley doesn’t get a lot of time to visit with the “working class of America”. For the most part when he holds town hall meetings, he misses the opportunity to speak with these individuals, so by touring different businesses and holding question and answer sessions; it gives the senator an opportunity to hear from these individuals and get a sense of their every day lives.

It was great having Senator Grassley in our factory- giving us all insight into the political world and inspiration for the future. He made a special point to mention how Miller Products Co. is still one of the few family owned business around- a special part of America that is slowly fading away. We at Miller Products Company are extremley proud to still be part of such a tradition, and look forward to carrying that tradition into the next generations. 

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 On a factory tour with Denis  Q&A session with Miller employees
 Photos courtesy of the Osceola Sentinel Tribune