Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association - Spring Clinic

     One week to go until the annual Spring Mangement Clinic for FEMA(Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association). The event is being held in Kansas City this year. This will be my second time attending the clinic and it will be interesting comparing the two.         

    One point of interest to me will be the influx of Social Media in this industry. At the fall convention I attended a seminar on Social Media and just a handfull of companies had invested their resources in this rapidly growing phenomenon. Will there be more companies following suit or do others perceive this as a fad that won't beat out traditional means of Marketing/Communication?

     It looks as though FEMA has lined up another good group of speakers(with current topics) for this years clinic. I look forward to seing old friends, Gauging the mood of other manufacturers, and oh yeah, some good old fashioned Gates Barbecue. Hope to see you there.