Improved Zinc Plating at Miller Products Company

     Miller Products has just gone through an overhaul of their plating operations. As of April 12, 2010 all zinc plated products manufactured by Miller Products will come standard with Pavco Hyprotec. Hyprotec is a high performance, trivalent chromate that will provide over 100 hours of corrosion resistance to white salts.

     In addition to this upgrade in standard plating, Miller Products will also offer an optional organo -mineral finish dip. HyProCoat 330 is a finish designed to protect passivated zinc components from severe environments. Hyprocoat 330 can withstand repeated heatings up to 250 Degrees F and will boost white salt ratings to 240 hrs and 480 to red rust. Miller Products will offer HyProCoat 330 at a minimal upcharge to it's customers.