Is Your Machined Parts Vendor Supplying You With Customer Service Or Lip Service?

Is your vendor promising you one thing and delivering another? Do you constantly find yourself chasing down past due orders? Do the words "No Problem" appear when you are placing the order only to change to "Problem" when the product is due?

At Miller Products Company we take pride in getting the right parts in your hands in the time frame that you require. Our team of experienced customer service agents and top notch machinists work together to insure that your priorities are in sync with ours. In the rare instance that we can't make your special parts in the time frame you specify we will let you know up front and work with you to find a solution.

Orders for items from our stock catalog taken by noon will ship out the same day. We aren't afraid to keep enough inventory on hand and just ended March with zero out of stocks. Should you need a quantity that exceeds our supply it's not a problem, we make the parts right here. We'll have them for you in a jiffy.

Miller Products Company wants to be your supplier. We work hard to insure you get the quality parts you ordered on time every time. Give us a call, a real person will answer. Ninety-nine percent of our orders shipped out on time last month. You can be assured that we are striving for perfection.