BIG Holiday Thanks From The Miller Team

The holiday season is upon us and the team at Miller would like to stop to reflect on the past year and consider the all the things we’ve experienced. From generous customers and a great economy to a staff and management team that constantly looks toward the future, 2019 showed us that we have so much to give thanks for.

The Manufacturing Market is Strong

Specialty manufacturing and the ag market remains strong. Through fears of a soft economy and material shortages, purchasing has been consistent. Over the past few months, Miller has seen an increase in our own orders and production, both catalog and custom work, and we aren’t alone.

The Miller Team Truly Makes It All Possible

We can’t emphasize this enough, without our hard-working, dedicated team, the quality and service we provide our customers would suffer to the core. From sales and marketing to engineering and design along with the hard work put in on the plant floor and quality control, our team’s focus is always on producing the best CNC machined and screw machined parts for our customers – on time and on budget.

“High-quality work requires equally high-quality people,” said Kerry Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager. “We continue to outpace the market through the hard work and dedication of everyone we work with and for.”

Miller Products Co. wishes our customers, our employees, and our friends a great holiday season full of family, friends and good fortune!