Count on Critical Supplier Support from Miller Products Company

Virtually every release and news item seen out there these days focuses on the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic and how the shutdown of non-essential business has impacted the nation.

While a large swath of the U.S. workforce has been sidelined from the virus, industries like medical service, food production, ag production and manufacturing, power generation, and others have stepped up to address the emergency.  As Critical Suppliers to these industries, Miller Products Company is working to increase production and reduce delivery times to assure we continue to serve the nation efficiently and effectively.

While operations at Miller continue to maintain necessary production, we have taken measures to protect our staff and customers from any exposure or spread of COVID-19. On Wednesday, March 18th 2020, the management team closed access to outside, non-essential visitors. This means all access to Miller Products Company staff and operations must be made by appointment and approved my management as essential to operations and customer support.

Below is the Miller Products Company COVID-19 Action Plan:

  • No Visitors without an appointment will be allowed in the building.
  • Delivery and pickup drivers are not allowed past posted signs outside the building.
  • Company meetings will be restricted to less than 10 people.
  • Company travel non-essential to business is banned.
  • Employees that travel on a personal vacation outside the local area will be required to self-quarantine at home for (2) weeks before returning to work. The company will comply with any government mandates related to pay during the quarantine period.
  • Employees are requested to report any known contact with another person that has been exposed to or quarantined due to the virus.
  • The company reserves the right to request that employees be tested for the virus.

While the news changes daily, it’s Miller’s hope to reduce the impact of this challenging situation. As a Critical Supplier, we will work to support and maintain our customers’ and associates’ supply chains during this time so you can continue to manufacture and produce the tools and equipment keeping America and our communities afloat.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Sales and Marketing Manager, Kerry Richardson at 1-800-245-7034, email: 


Thank you.