For Miller, 50-Years of FEMA Equals More Meaningful ROI

Established in 1950, the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA){link} was developed to create a common voice to connect major manufacturers and builders across the farm equipment market. At the same time, as Miller Products Company grew into a dominant manufacturer of parts and equipment for the ag and farm equipment industries, they quickly found a home with FEMA. And now, after 50-years as members, they share some of the benefits of belonging to the more than 700-company/member organization.

At the most recent FEMA Showcase in Little Rock, AK, Miller President and Owner, Kerry and his son, Jordan, made the drive from Osceola, Iowa to Little Rock to attend the event.

“2024 makes 50-years we’ve been going to FEMA shows and the time and effort we put toward each and every trip shows return on our investment without fail,” said Kerry Richardson.

While the ROI of the trip doesn’t always show in volumes of immediate sales or product showcases with customers, it does return the FEMA connections and a burgeoning network of manufacturers and customers who share a passion for and willing work together to troubleshoot industry challenges.

“We find the conversations from each show open up a variety of industry insights you just can’t find through basic trade publications or even other manufacturing events,” said Richardson.

While FEMA’s 3-day shows, held twice a year, focus on equipment and industry innovations, it’s the talk in the aisles and after-hours between members where the Miller team finds an investment and value worth the trips. Both Kerry and Jordan discussed how meetings and seminars at the event help with development of a better understanding of the industry. Building stronger ties with fellow manufacturers and being able to collaborate and share industry notes is another benefit to FEMA events.

“Being new to the industry, I really enjoy connecting with seasoned professionals and learning from the organization’s membership,” said Jordan Richardson.

In short, the relationships and networking help the Miller team maintain a fresh perspective on their own business strategies and how to navigate these ever-changing markets.

“These are the leaders in the industry,” Kerry said. “Learning from these professionals and developing relationships that make our business stronger is value-enough in itself. I see Miller doing this for another 50-years or more.”

If you would like to know more about Miller Products Company, you can reach out to Owner and President, Kerry Richardson at or call Toll Free: 1-800-245-7034.