Manufacturing Resilience – Miller’s 2nd Annual Industry Insight Survey Results

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That statement seems to be the tagline of today’s manufacturing industry. From meeting basic material and production challenges to building on innovations, automation, measurement and tracking to better serve customers, manufacturers simply get it done. In Miller’s 2nd Annual Industry Insights Survey, our customers reinforced that disposition through the insight they provided.

See Expected Growth In Manufacturing

When asked about the growth outlook of the manufacturing industry, respondents were positive about the future of their companies, with over 80% predicting steady to increased growth. Two thirds of that group predicted increased growth into the next fiscal year and beyond.

With rock bottom unemployment rates, much of that expected growth (22% of respondents surveyed) is to be centered on technology or systems upgrades to improve production. While increased staffing or the addition of workforce remains a challenge, technology is creating advantages within manufacturing operations, building trackable data, streamlining production as well as revealing sales opportunities. One respondent in particular touted the addition of a voice picking system recently integrated in their warehouse, increasing employee production and efficiency.

Quality & Price Drive Sales (Still)

As expected, the industry is driven by quality and price. While lead time and delivery ranked a close third, those surveyed define product quality and price of the highest importance when working with Miller.

“Ultimately it all comes down to getting it right and getting it to the customer,” said Kerry Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Miller. “We focus on precision, accuracy and economy at all levels.”

With Miller’s ability to provide custom CNC machining, CNC design and engineering support as well as an extensive inventory of stock pins and fasteners; quality parts, quick lead times, and competitive pricing are integral to the core of the operation.

Research and Transactions Move Online

New research is revealing manufacturers are adapting to online research and taking transactions online at a quicker pace than years past. When searching for CNC manufactured products or custom CNC parts, search engines are becoming a dependable tool in finding the products they need. With e-commerce and online stores becoming more prevalent, buyers are also able to take advantage of setting up online accounts and ordering parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Miller’s online store is seeing a considerable increase in new accounts this year. Miller customers are taking advantage of the ease and economy the online store offers and submitting purchase orders for stock items through the web. This gives the Miller customer service team the ability to focus on custom CNC parts and special orders, increasing volume and customer service online and off.

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