Miller Focuses on Swiss CNC Machined Parts

For decades, the Miller Products team has been on the leading edge of CNC and screw machines manufactured parts. From our bicycle repair and parts origins to today's leading position in manufactured pins, custom CNC and Swiss CNC machined components, Miller has led the way with innovation.

Today's manufacturing demands higher quality and higher precision. With Miller's Swiss CNC manufacturing capabilities, we can deliver custom machined parts for industries ranging from medical and aerospace to electronic, agriculture and more!

  • Less than 3/4" OD
  • Consistent tolerances +/-.001" or less
  • Feature complexity
  • Relatively high length:OD ratio
  • Features that can not be produced on traditional multi-spindle screw machines

Swiss CNC Machining gives you the accuracy and detailed manufacturing production levels needed in today’s competitive, high-tech markets.  To get started on your order, clicke the Request CNC Quote button below.

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If you have a questions or need to discuss a custom Swiss CNC machined part that requires accuracy and a quick turn time, we encourage you to call our sales department today. You can call Kerry Richardson, Miller Products Company’s Sales and Marketing Manager at 800-245-7034 or email