Miller Products Company Meeting Demand During COVID-19

Business challenges come at us in a number of ways. Sometimes it’s as simple as a shipping schedule miscue, other times it’s the world being locked down because of a global pandemic. In any scenario, it helps to be flexible enough to respond for the benefit of your customers. And that’s exactly how Miller Products Company has kept focus during the COVID-19 crisis.

Kerry Richardson, Miller’s Sales and Marketing Director took to Zoom the other day to discuss some of the things they’ve done in light of the latest challenges from COVID-19.



While it’s business as usual - kind of - at Miller Products Company, the ways in which they connect with customers has been modified slightly. Thanks to technology, sales and support can go on with little to no interruptions. What were once in-person meetings have been taken online through the Miler “Zoom Bunker,” and requests for quotes can be made through the Web site, With the recent addition of Miller’s online shop, customers can also go directly to their accounts and order from Miller’s extensive stock pins and fasteners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other companies have certainly seen a lull in business due to the crisis. Miller Products Company, as an “Essential Supplier,” has pivoted to serve not only their existing customers in agriculture, transportation, and defense manufacturing but also to act on requests from medical manufacturers and other industries in need. Demand for pins to help with temporary shelters, hospital carts, and gurneys has been on the rise. And as long as these industries need pins, fasteners, custom CNC and Swiss CNC parts, Miller Products Company will be here to answer the call.

Delivering in times of need requires a supply chain you can count on. Because a large percentage of their manufacturing materials are sourced domestically, Miller Products Company can assure quick turn times - 3 weeks or better - on stock orders. Custom parts can be ordered and scheduled through their online service or through a quick conversation with the sales team.

If you need stock pins or fasteners for your operation or need custom CNC and Swiss CNC manufactured parts, Miller Products Company is ready. Our sales and support team is prepared to talk with you over Zoom or via phone at 1-800-245-7034. As an added value, customers can also schedule a meeting with Kerry Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager, through the Web site by clicking the button below.

Together we can keep America’s great manufacturing industry running.  We look forward to doing business with you.


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