Miller Products is Planning Big by Thinking Smaller

Swiss machining, we're all familiar with it but really WHAT IS SWISS MACHINING? Swiss machining is a process where the material being machined is fed through a guide bushing into a cutting tool. This reversal of method from traditional CNC machining allows small parts(up to 1 1/4" diameter) to get cut near the point of support therefore making adherence to very tight tolerances possible no matter the part length.

Miller products has recently added a CNC swiss machining department giving us the ability to make the smallest and tightest tolerance parts in our history. Our new range of capabilities is from 3 millimeter to 6 inch diameters. Check out our new GEN TURN SL-20Y2 – Hybrid 20mm 8-Axis CNC Swiss Machine



The SL-20Y2 was the perfect fit for us as it will compliment our other Genesh machines. You can expect the same Miller Quality on our CNC swiss parts that you have gotten on all your machined goods since our doors opened in 1936.

Make Miller Products your CNC machined parts experts. Our short 3 week lead times will get you the parts you demand, on time and in budget.

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