Miller’s Memorial Day Honors: Miller’s History of Military Support

For more than 85 years, Miller Products Company has committed their support to the men and women who serve in our military. For decades, the Miller team has dedicated valuable resources and manpower to support those who serve our country both here and abroad. With innovations like the design of their own custom kickstand to the design and implementation of custom pins and fasteners the Miller team also use their advanced manufacturing skills in support of our fighting troops.


In 1942, when the US was in the throes of World War II, Miller Products Company owner Don Miller pivoted production from the manufacturing of pins and fasteners to the design and development of one of the U.S. military’s most innovative combat tools, the GI Infantry Flash Hider, commonly seen on the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle.

The idea of a Flash Hider is that when troops have to shoot at night, the cone-shaped attachment redirects or "breaks up" some of the burning gas that comes out the muzzle so there is no large fire ball to give your position away to the enemy. Hiding the flash also improved troops’ low light and night vision, removing the sometimes-blinding flare caused by gasses at the end of the muzzle, giving them agility and a tactical advantage during heavy fighting.

For more than three years, from January of 1942 to May of 1945, production at Miller Products Company was dedicated to the manufacturing of these flash hiders to supply soldiers fighting around the world.

It truly is an honor to have this kind of history and global impact in an Iowa-based manufacturing company,” said Kerry Richardson, Miller Products Company President. “The Miller team stands proud with to those veterans willing to give everything for our country.”

After World War II and the production of the flash hider, innovations evolved and Miller was quick to utilize their manufacturing skills to help support troops in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East and other areas of conflict. Whether it's scaffolding pins, tent fasteners for troops in the barracks, or custom CNC machined parts for military vehicles and specialty equipment, Miller Products Company will always be there for our troops in times of need.

So, as we celebrate Memorial Day and the troops who gave all for our country, the Miller team salutes each and every one of them and dedicates their manufacturing and their support to the US military.

For more information about Miller Product Company, you can reach out to their offices at 1015 N. Main Street, Osceola, Iowa 50213, c/o Kerry Richardson - email: or call toll free: 800-245-7034.