Planning Ahead Pays Off with Miller Products Company

Manufacturing in the US has seen more than a few ups and downs throughout the year. For most of 2020, things were sliding down. But over the summer, an uptick in manufacturing needs was seen on the horizon and Miller Products Company was there to heed the call.


Although the early part of the year was filled with uncertainty, Miller saw the writing on the wall and used the slow down to replenish and increase the levels of their stock pins and hitches. That foresight and planning has paid off for Miller and their customers.

“We planned for growth in CNC and Swiss CNC machined parts and were well-equipped for it,” said Kerry Richardson, Marketing and Sales Manager for Miller Products Company. “We’ve seen considerable growth in both stock and contract orders. By planning ahead, we’ve been able to meet the demands of our customers head-on.”

Miller Products is ready to replenish your inventory of stock pins and fasteners for your operation or to supply you with custom CNC and Swiss CNC manufactured parts, with a quick turnaround on stock orders. Working with Miller Products, you can count on American-made, quality machined parts, manufactured from all-American steel, and excellent customer service at every step.

Our sales and support team is prepared to talk with you over Zoom or via phone at 1-800-245-7034. You also have the option to schedule a meeting with Kerry Richardson, the Sales and Marketing Manager, through the Web site by clicking the button below.

Together we can keep America’s great manufacturing industry running. We look forward to doing business with you.




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