Stainless Steel Extends Lock Pin Life & Investment

When deciding on the type of lock pin a job needs, there’s generally two schools of thought: 1) economy of scale / commodity pricing; or 2) an investment in engineering and longevity. While standard steel lock pins are a value, when it comes to bulk buying and high quantity parts manufacturing, we often see contractors and engineers disregard the advantages of stainless steel.

Square Wire Lock Pin

Fortunately for our customers, Miller Products has extended our standard steel wire lock pin products, offering a stainless steel variation in multiple sizes and configurations. This option came into play just last month through a request for proposal (RFP) from contractors at the U.S. Navy.

If there’s a contractor that understands the effects of corrosion and weathering on specialty equipment, it should be the U.S. Navy. With exposure  to the salt air and water as well as constant exposure to volatile operation conditions, the naval contractor chose the Miller Products Stainless Steel lock pin in a number of sizes to fulfill the RFP.

In the RFP, the contractor specified the need for corrosion-resistant steel and the ease of quick fulfillment commonly experienced with government contracts. Originally, the Naval contractors were using carbon steel lock pins. Due to constant upkeep and replacement, they decided to make the investment into stainless steel to mitigate future costs for upkeep and the potential risk that comes with broken parts while on tour. With thousands of parts to manage, the contractors needed the confidence that the product not only suited the environment in which they were working, but could be ordered and quickly delivered to keep their operations moving.

While pricing for stainless steel can come in higher than non stainless parts, as the RFP from the Navy shows, the costs of maintenance and replacement parts can quickly dwarf your initial investments.

If you’d like to learn more about Miller Products’ line of stainless steel lock pins, or any of our other stock pins and fasteners, please reach out to Kerry Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager for Miller Products at 1-800-245-7034, email or simply click the “Request for Quote” button below.