When Searching for Value, Price Doesn’t Always Win

When making any kind of a purchase, buyers are always on the hunt for value.

Of course, the definition of ‘value’ is different for nearly everyone. Miller Products Company decided to go straight to their customers to find out what value means to them.

qulity-counts-miller-products-survey-061018In a recent survey, Miller asked more than 5000 of their existing customers to rank the importance of certain features when deciding to work with a manufacturer. Their options were Design Assistance, Years in Business, Quality, Lead Time, Location, and Price/Cost.

The most important feature considered when selecting a manufacturer to work with was not the price of the ordered items. Lead Time came in second with Price as a very close third. The feature that over 68% of respondents marked as ‘Extremely Important’ was Quality.

Miller Products Company has always put the quality of their products and their workmanship first. From utilizing the newest technology to hiring the most qualified technicians, ensuring that only the best merchandise carries the Miller name. With a three-week lead time on custom parts – even less on catalog items – Miller Products can be counted on to meet the needs of their customers time and time again.

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