Approaching 1500...

Tue, Jun 13, 2017 @ 11:06 AM Cory Dye Miller Products Company, safety

Everyone knows that safety in the workplace is important, and being in the manufacturing industry mean that is even more important. At Miller Products we always stress the importance of workplace safety. We are approaching almost 1500 work days without a lost time incident! Of course, we don't want to jinx ourselves, but we are at 1462. We took the time to talk to our Safety Supervisor Roy and see what he does to keep our company running without incident.

Across the country, there are thousands of work-related injuries every single day. On their safety blog, Arbill gives some statistics slips and falls in the workplace. 1 in 6 of all lost-time work injuries results from slips, trips, and falls. These injuries are estimated to cause people to miss 11 days of work on average. Work injuries like slips and falls only account for 20% of work-related injuries. It is important to ensure that you have a safe workplace for your employees.

Roy who is has been the safety manager here at Miller for over 25 years said that "Safety is not just about one set of eyes keeping everyone safe in the plant, but multiple. " Roy gave most of the credit to his crew in the warehouse saying that it is because of them that everything runs smoothly. It is obvious that he cares about our company and all of the employee's safety. Miller's record for the longest period of work days with no lost time incidents is 1658 days! We hope that we are on track to surpass that number, however, our first goal is to hit 1500 work days with no incident. When we accomplish this goal we are having a company-wide BBQ to celebrate. We wanted to show off how safe we are here at Miller. What do you do to help keep your company safe in the workplace?