Throw Back Thursday 5/29

Vintage 3For over 75 years, Miller Products has been a leading brand in the screw machine industry— creating parts for business’ all across the United States and international territories; supplying everything from farm equipment to cruise machines. Though, the success of the company didn’t start off as a huge operation, it does have a very unique history. Upon returning from World War I,  founder Don Miller brought back with him the blueprint for a simple but genius little tool we may take for granted nowadays: the bicycle stand (which at the time was hugely popular in Europe). After obtaining the US patent rights for the tool, Miller Products took off opening its first factory during 1936 in Downtown Des Moines along Grand Avenue; though, as time progressed Mr. Miller decided it was time to retire and put Miller Products Company up for sale. 

In 1956, long time employee James McFarland purchased the company and spent the next few decades advancing the company at impressive speeds. A bit of a back story: James McFarland began his manufacturing career at the Iowa Pipe and Tile Company and eventually moved on to work in production at the Des Moines Ordnance Plant. McFarland’s first dive into the engineering world came about at the start of World War II when he enlisted into the US Navy. Upon returning from the war, McFarland went on to study engineering, receiving a degree from Iowa State University. In 1947, James McFarland was hired on as an assistant production manager for Miller Products Company (then owned by Don Miller), and in just three short years was promoted to head production manager. 

From bringing the first bicycle stand into America to saving oil rigs in the south; Miller Products Company has proudly stood behind its products from generation to generation, and continues to do so to this day.