In The Face of Coronavirus, Miller Production Company Remains Strong

When troubled overseas markets suffer due to skyrocketing tariffs or pandemic scares like the recent Coronavirus and COVID-19, it’s a truly strategic business decision to partner with a company that produces American made products using American made materials. We understand that some overseas suppliers from China, India, and across the Asian continent are reducing exports which, in turn, is making a big impact on supply chains here in the United States.


Miller Products Company sources all of our steel and production materials through companies in the United States. With months-worth of steel and production material on hand and a talented production team ready to help pick up orders and turn them as quickly as three weeks, Miller is the perfect production partner to cover lagging orders some manufacturers may be seeing from overseas suppliers.

If your production depends on custom CNC machined parts, Swiss CNC products or if we can help keep your operation running smooth with our extensive catalog of stock pins and fasteners, please don’t hesitate to give our sales and marketing team a call. Together, we can make sure your production – and ultimately, your company profits – don’t suffer from this international dilemma.

For more information on using Miller Products Compnay as your supply chain partner, or to speak directly to our sales team, contact Sales and Marketing Manager, Kerry Richardson at 1-800-245-7034, email: or you can simply click the “Request A Quote” button below.

Thank you!