Is Social Media Worth It For A Small Business?

Social media is constantly changing around us and in turn is also shaping how we see the world. Larger companies like Apple, Google, Nike, and Adidas heavily rely on social media marketing. They use it to interact with customers, utilize online customer service, and to market any sales/coupons that they have. On the opposite side of the spectrum smaller businesses might really struggle to use social media marketing or think that it is useless to them because they are a smaller company. Lets tackle questions a small business might have when it comes to social media.

Do I really need a website?

The answer is YES. A website is one of most important social media marketing strategies you can implement. No matter how big or small a website can make or break a business. This is how you can organically gain new customers, and interact with your current customer base.

I have a website but I feel like it does nothing for me...

You could just need to adjust the way your website works, looks, and functions no big deal there are tons of online companies that do these services for very cheap. If you need to do that I would reccomend checking out HubSpot. They are an excellent resource and not too hard on your wallet. 

If you already have an interactive website and just want to improve it then I would checkout Flight Media's blog on "6 Ways to Make your Website your #1 Marketing Tool" 

Should I start a blog?

YES YES YES. Blogs are very important to your company in the long run. A blog might only get a handful of views for a whole month, but the best part about a blog is that it will stay in your archives for forever. People will always be able to access it when they need to. Inc has a blog on "7 Blogging Mistakes that Small Businesses Make" that is really helpful for getting started on a blog, or even revamping a pre-existing blog.

Why should I use social media if my customer base is small?

Interacting with your customers, following potential customers, and building an online presence is very important to the success of your social media. No matter what platform you are using whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube or LinkedIn using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to gain a following. Finding hashtags relevant to your company and your customers interests is very helpful. This can help grow your cusotmer base and increase sales for your company immensely.

Okay I have done all that... Now What?

Once you have a website, optimized that website, began interacting and building a following on social media sites then you just have to trust in the process. Keep hammering away at the social media sites and make sure to keep your website up to date.