Secret of Successful Marketing For A Small Business

Marketing is tough for everyone, but it is certainly is easier the bigger your company. Small businesses can sometimes struggle with how to market their company due to limited resources and a lack of knowledge. Here are some helpful tips to get your marketing up and moving for your small business.

1. Build an online presence 

Social media can seem daunting to someone who has little to no experience in them. In fact, social media should be viewed as your #1 marketing tool. It can help your company make it or break it. It is important to realize that all social media platforms act differently. Facebook can be used to make a free business page and share relevant content to your followers. Instagram can be used to be a loyal following base and post promotions for your company. Twitter can be used to connect with people who are in your industry and also can be used to find new customers. LinkedIn can be used to produce blogs for your company and connect with you with relevant connections.

2. Email Marketing

I am not talking about spamming your contacts and leads with emails all day long here. Email marketing is a very good technique and once you are able to figure out what will work for your contacts then you have hit the JACKPOT! I would recommend using a marketing platform or email marketing platform. At Miller Products Co we use Hubspot for all of our marketing needs.

3. Infographics

Infographics are a great way to make eye-catching pieces of marketing material. They are easy for the customer to understand and to look at. They are also extremely good at driving referral traffic. These can be a very low-cost if you have skills in Adobe Illustrator and can make your own with free vector downloads.

4. Traditional Tactics

There are lots of low cost traditional ways to market your business. Having a great looking business card and then getting that card into the hands of every single person that you can really help to generate some leads. You can go to local events hosted by people within your contact network. This is a great way to meet people who you could do business with in the future. You could even turn to the good ole cold calling method. Just call up and talk to some people that you would like to do business with.

Marketing can be a tough nut to crack when you first start working with it, but as time progresses it will get easier. These tips are bound to help you come up with some new leads and contacts. Mixing together the new social media marketing ideas with the traditional marketing ideas is the best way to go. Go out there and build your brand up!