The Artists Of The Plains

Tue, Jun 27, 2017 @ 11:06 AM Cory Dye Miller Products Company, company history

Everyone's an artist

People in all walks of life are artists. No matter what you are making it is always a work of art. You could be a landscaper who is crafting beautiful works of art outside in a yard or even a carpenter making beautiful wood pieces. At Miller Products Company our studio is a 40,000 square foot facility filled with different machines that create things in their own specific way. 

What type of art do we make?
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Machining may sound boring, but we actually make cool things. At Miller Products we take common bars of steel and make ornamental and functional works of art. Our parts have been used all over the world and their uses function more behind the scenes. Our products are used in mowers, combines, ships, oil rigs, trailers, conveyor belts, and cranes. You can see our pins being used in very important ways like: towing a wagon, securing a gangplank on a ship, holding oil booms in place, and even portable chapels all over the world. You just might interact with our products every day and not know it. They are sculptures constantly on the move from city to city, and not something you should see in a permanent gallery.