Why You Really Need Inbound Marketing For A Superniche Business

Being in the CNC parts business makes us a super niche business. It is a commonality in the manufacturing industry for a business to be against using a website or an e-store to sell their products. The "people do not shop for this online" mindset is very prominent. Inbound marketing works extremely well for these businesses because they are able to focus on actual leads and not waste time with people who are not interested in buying their product.

Less Competition and More Gratification 

Since the industry is smaller you do not have to fight for keywords within your Google Adwords as much. The long tail keywords you use are probably words that can be bid on and gotten fairly cheap. This will increase your traffic to your website and help convert more people into leads. When people search for these super niche long tail keywords it means that they know what they are looking for and are a serious buyer.

Learn to Educate and Inform as Opposed to Selling

The whole point of Inbound marketing is to use your content to help your lead along the buyer's journey. No matter what step the buyers are in you want to educate or inform them. Inbound takes away the need to force a sale because when you nurture a lead correctly they will convert into a sale.

Competitors Are Not Using Inbound

Your competitors could not be using Inbound marketing because they have that "they do not shop for this online" mentality. This can only bring more leads to your business especially if you are implementing Inbound correctly.

Access To More Content Than You Think

Since Inbound is content driven you might be asking yourself, "Where am I going to find all this content?" or "How am I going to find the time to make all this content?" At first, this task may seem daunting, but the content is all around you. Employee handbooks and training material could have great content for infographics or blog posts. There also could be information in old business presentations that someone gave. No matter how old all of this content is relevant!

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is geared towards super niche companies these days. Google Adwords and all the other companies that help you to optimize your content or website can help you immensely. These all give you the tools to utilize driving traffic to your site and content.

Inbound is a very practical way to gain more leads and generate more business for your company if you are considered a super niche company like many of us in the manufacturing industry. It is time to change that mindset of "people do not shop for that online" to more of a "how can we use this content to drive leads to our site or store".