Miller Continues to Expand Capabilities with New CNC Lathe


Since the beginning of 2021, the team at Miller Products Company has been focused on using the surge in manufacturing demand to build infrastructure. Along with new engineering staff and machinists, the latest addition to the Miller production team is a new Doosan Puma 2600SY II lathe. 

A mid-line lathe, the increase in Miller’s machining capacity will help accelerate the workflow for growing CNC machining orders and assist in the production of complex parts using a number of tough materials.

“The Doosan lathe is a versatile workhorse,” said Kerry Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager for Miller Products Company. “Increasing capacity and streamlining production has been a priority since early in the year. This will really help.”

Streamlining production and set up times, the integrated Y-axis on the Doosan 2600SY II gives the machinists the ability to manage part production from beginning to end with less hands-on management. Telescopic waycovers allow the evacuation of waste during fabrication, speeding production and creating cleaner, even more precise cuts and finishing.

miller--doosan-cnc-latheWith Swiss CNC machines added in November and December of 2020, this is the third CNC lathe added to the production floor at Miller Products Company over the last year.

“Overseas production is at a virtual crawl,” said Richardson. “Because of that, demand for more precision and quicker turn times from U.S. manufacturers increases every day.”

By adding to their CNC machining capacity, Miller Products Company is poised and ready to be the supply chain partner many U.S. manufacturers need.

Miller Products Company plans to be there when their customers need them most. If your manufacturing operation depends on the timely and accurate fulfillment of custom, precision machined parts, the team at Miller is ready to help.

For more information on RFQs or ordering, contact Kerry Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Miller Products Company via email at: or by calling their toll-free number at 1-800-245-7034.

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